Hymenoptera Systematics in the Heraty Laboratory

Current Lab Members

John M. Heraty

Professor of Entomology

Research Interests: Morphological and molecular systematics of Chalcidoidea, cladistic methodology; biological control, evolutionary biology.

john.heraty [at] ucr.edu

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Roger A. Burks

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Interests: Systematics of parasitoid Hymenoptera, with focus on identification and phylogenetics

burks.roger [at] gmail.com

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Austin Baker

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Hymenopteran systematics, ant parasitism, next-generation sequencing

bakerau73 [at] gmail.com

Krissy Dominguez

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Systematics of Mymaridae

cdomi009 [at] ucr.edu

Robert Luke Kresslein

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Systematics of Encarsia and other Aphelinidae

rkres001 [at] ucr.edu

Ryan Perry

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Systematics and biology of Eulophidae, with focus on the tribe Cirrospilini

r13perry [at] ucr.edu

Tiffany Domer


Research Interests: Systematics and biology of Tetrastichinae and fossil Eulophidae

tdome001 [at] ucr.edu


Astrid Cruaud

Research associate (CR2, INRA)

Research Interests: I am an evolutionary biologist interested in phylogenetics and biogeography of insects especially pests and their natural enemies

cruaud [at] supagro.inra.fr

John Hash

Natural History Museum, Washington, DC/p>

Research Interests: Systematics and natural history of phorid flies, parasitoid/host interactions, alpha taxonomy, phylogenetics methods, morphology

jhash001 [at] ucr.edu

Scott Heacox

CNAS Center for Conservation Biology

Research Interests: Desert Ecology

sheac001 [at] ucr.edu

Judith Herreid

PhD student University of Wyoming

Research Interests: Hymenopteran systematics, Parasitoid behavior and ecology, Extrafloral nectary insect interactions

jherr019 [at] ucr.edu

Johan Liljeblad

Taxonomist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Research Interests: Systematics and morphology of Hymenoptera, especially Cynipoidea and Chalcidoidea

cynips_zoo [at] hotmail.com

Jason L. Mottern

United States Department of Agriculture APHIS Molecular Systematics Laboratory

Research Interests: Taxonomy and systematics of chalcidoid wasps, with particular interest in the families Aphelinidae and Eucharitidae

jmott002 [at] ucr.edu

James Munro

Bioinformatics Analyst, Institute for Genome Science, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Research Interests: Bioinformatics and computational biology, phylogenetics, transcriptomics, differential gene expression

jbmunro [at] gmail.com

Elizabeth Murray

Assistant Professor, Washington State University

Research Interests: Systematics of Eucharitidae and Chrysidoidea

emurr001 [at] ucr.edu

Junxia Zhang

Associate Professor Hebei University, China

Molecular systematics of Chalcidoidea, ants and spiders

jxzhang1976 [at] 163.com

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