Life cycle of Orasema, a genus of ant parasitoids

Life cycle of Orasema, a genus of ant parasitoids

John Heraty, University of California, Riverside

These fliers are designed to be used as educational materials, introducing the life cycle of Orasema. These documents are available for use by educators. Please contact us at john.heraty[at] for further information or assistance.

Life history of an ant parasitoid is a pamphlet-sized document introducing Orasema as a parasitoid of ants. The concept of biological control is introduced, and the use of extrafloral nectaries on plants by first-instar larvae of Orasema is also discussed. This document illustrates a fascinating set of interactions between plant, parasitoid wasp, and ant host.

Life cycle of Orasema illustrates the above interactions in a traditional life-cycle format.

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